Polar Bear Blog – Galapagos North

I woud say the coast near Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is 'untouched'.  Its not 'undiscovered', goose hunters were using this lodge for over thirty years before it evolved into a polar bear viewing destination.  Of course, Swampy Cree hunters and trappers have been using this coastline a fair bit longer.  Hudson's Bay Company men worked this coast as well in the fur trade; being that we are only a hop, skip and a jump from York Factory National Historic Site, the location of HBC's original logistics and administration centre in Canada. Nanuk is blessed with a window into … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – To Nanuk For Nanuq

I flew into Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge today, a remote albeit five star lodge along the coast of Cape Tatnum, about an hour flight out of Gillam which was about an eight hour train ride south of Churchill.  The goal here is to gather some baseline data and partner with ChurchillWild on a non-invasive bear identification research project.  If the first day is any indication, things look like they will work out pretty nicely. After landing in some classic Hudson Bay autumn rainsleet, the guides and guests settled in for some caribou minestrone, which is as good … Continue Reading ››
Fence bear

Polar Bear Blog – Orcas, Geese and Aurora

Just back from a locations scouting trip to Churchill, the fall colours are peaking - reds, yellows, orange and now the deep blues of 'magic hour' light that comes with October. Just a great time of year up there, although almost every time of year is pretty 'great'. A fair bit has happened since my last blog. The almost annual visit of Orcas caused quite a stir with folks driving down to the coast and a few brave/crazy souls heading out on zodiacs to photograph and cruise with the pod. The SeaNorth crew got within 10' … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Polar Bear News (And What It Means)

Figured I would do a quick roundup of some of the polar bear headlines this summer and take a shot at figuring them out... Large Waves Recorded in Polar Bear Habitat Sixteen foot waves have been recorded in the Beaufort Sea in a part of the arctic that was previously covered by multi-year ice.  This ice sheet broke apart in 2012 after an arctic cyclone dispersed ice that was already pressure fractured.  Again, this event can be evidence of climate change or of natural cycles. What does this mean for bears?  Well, bears don't really like multi-year ice … Continue Reading ››
Beluga Pod - Alex de Vries Photography

Polar Bear Blog – Churchill Bears and Belugas

Beluga season is hitting full-stride up in Churchill, lots of pics being posted on facebook and twitter from the zodiac and snorkelling tours.  But, of course, as belugas peak, it also means that the season has just passed its halfway point. The first beluga whales have shown up near Arviat on their way to northwestern Hudson Bay.  The Churchill River is still teeming with whales, of course, but in another three weeks most will be travelling back to their wintering grounds near Repulse Bay and into Hudson Strait.  If a bowhead … Continue Reading ››
Bear at Cage

Polar Bear Blog – The Polar Bear Jail

After the military started its official withdrawal in 1964, the 'buffer zone' created by the Fort Churchill base was removed. Polar bears soon appeared in the surrounding communities - Churchill, Akudlik and Dene Village.  Bears invaded the various garbage dumps and surrounding area. Churchill wasn't really quite sure what to do with them.

It was pretty wild times. Folks would drive out to the dump to watch (and picnic) with the bears. There are more than a few old photos kicking around of a young chap feeding a … Continue Reading ››

Bearded Seal

Polar Bear Blog – Open Water Seal Hunting

The BBC Spy On Ice series is still one of the best polar bear docs... very cool footage of 'late season' seal hunting. After 'pupping season' is over the ice is really starting to fragment, open water hunting or aquatic stalking are pretty common techniques, albeit less effective. The latest sea ice chart was released today and I would say we've hit that 30% usable ice pack barrier that signals the bears return to land. I would say a good percentage of Hudson Bay's … Continue Reading ››
Mom and Cub - Courtesy of Seal River Lodge

Polar Bear Blog – Summer Seals, Summer Ice

Bears are starting to arrive on shore in larger numbers now.  This year it looks to be a bit of a split - with significant numbers coming ashore north of the Churchill River and many still riding the ice far to the south. Here is an excerpt from ChurchillWild's Seal River blog.  Feature image is also couresty of Seal River (www.churchillwild.com) 'Six gorgeous bears spent the day sharing a ringed seal one of them had managed to catch. Said seal made the fatal mistake of falling asleep on a nice warm rock on … Continue Reading ››

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