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  1. About a year ago I ordered the book Polar Bears of Churchill and the payment was made through one of my charge accounts. I never received the book; however I just came across the order summary from when I ordered the book through this website. I have not been able to figure out who to contact about this. Can you be of any help in this matter.

    1. Hey there, I’m the one to talk to but I didn’t get this order… I’ll take a look at paypal and see if I can find a copy – its out of print!

  2. Just a quick question….I responded to authorities regarding Xena’s tight collar. In doing so, I noticed that you have WWF’s tracking map on your blog. I am a supporter of WWF but was wondering why you are so against the radio collars yet have a tracker on your blog.


    1. Good question… My only answer is that if I can find an alternative to radio collars, I will but if they are already deployed, there is no sense ignoring the information these bears are providing.

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