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Polar Bear Alley

Polar Bear Alley is actually a strip of beach about ten kilometres out of Churchill, sandwiched between Ladoon’s kennel and the old Churchill garbage dump.  It is still a fairly common place to find polar bears but back in the hay day of the Churchill dump, it was a pretty busy place.  Bears would hide out their from the ‘traffic’ and generally enjoy the sun, wind and sea.  One of my favourite places in Churchill, so that’s why I chose the name.

The polar bear blog started up in 2006, just kind of a journal about life in Churchill (outside of Churchill actually…), polar bears, the north and, well, the politics surrounding all of this craziness.  Its been seven years of blogging with some ups and downs, some new friends, some tours, a troll or two, chinese hackers and lots and lots of bears.  No awards yet… strange.

Anyway, Polar Bear Alley includes the Polar Bear Blog, a Churchill Travel Guide, some Churchill history and some new polar bear destinations.  Have fun, that’s what its meant for.

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