WildBear Project

WildBear-LogoThe WildBear Project is a global database of individual bears identified through a non-invasive research program.  Individual bears can be identified in the wild through their unique ‘whisker print’ patterns.  These patterns, much like finger prints, remain unique to the bear throughout its lifespan, first identifiable as yearling cubs.

A hi-resolution portrait image is required to identify bears and currently the WhiskerPrint program uses manual identification methods based on ‘suggestions’ provided by the software, i.e. WhiskerPrint IDs are confirmed by human users.  The next step in this project is to create a ‘HotSpotter’ app which automatically identifies bears in the field, aiding both tourists, citizen researchers and biologists.

For more information or to participate in the WildBear Project, please contact polarbearalley@gmail.com

Hotspotter - WildBear

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