Birding in Churchill

Over 275 species of birds pass through or nest in Churchill. Peak birding season usually runs from early June through to early July although migrations can be highly variable. Early June is more aimed at migratory species while early July focuses on nesting birds (before they get too hard to see). Spending a week in Churchill in June should net a birder around 100 species.

Birding in Churchill is mainly done from the road system which accesses a variety of habitats. However, care should be taken not to disturb them especially when they are on a nest. Spring can be cool in Churchill and the eggs can cool in a surprisingly short time if the mother is flushed. As well, it is not uncommon to see crows and raptors keeping an eye on photographers and birders to figure out just where nests are located.

Ms. Bilenduke keeps a nice bird feeder at her place along Goose Creek Road, good for finches and crossbills. Jaegers can be found both at the mouth of the river and near Camp Nanuq. Smith’s Longspurs and Harris’ Sparrows are also Camp Nanuq finds. A Northern Hawk Owl can sometimes be found along the Twin Lakes Road.

Thayer’s, Iceland, Little and Glaucous gulls can be found along with occasional sightings of Sabine’s and very rare sightings of Ross’s Gulls. Check the mouth of the river and the ‘weir’. King Eider or Harlequin Ducks are sometimes spotted at Cape Merry as well.

Spring is a nice time in Churchill… birder’s share information (to a degree) and, while a guide makes a huge difference, you’ll definitely add some life listers even if you’re on your own.

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