Polar Bear Blog – Buggy Day

Today, we headed out to scout buggyland for the upcoming shoot (film, not bears). After a quick breakfast at Gypsy’s, we drove out to Tundra Buggy launch and wobbled out on Buggy #13.

I cannot deny that I have a bit of a hard time not being the driver aboard a buggy but it was a nice day. We saw about ten bears out there, a mix of families, lone females and males. One older bear, probably 20-25 judging by the massive size of her head, was absently nursing her two year old cub. Laying on her side, she was more sleeping than nursing, only the cub nudging and bugging her. Its not easy nursing a 300lb child.

There is a fair bit of wildlife out there, gyrfalcon, two snowy owls, arctic hare, ptarmigan… and a clump of nine caribou in the midst of a soap operatic afternoon. One lager male in full rutting regalia was chasing off a younger male intent on usurping this harem-holder. It went on for a bit, back and forth until the helicopter flew by, distracting all and enough to scatter.

Its nice being out there again, always beautiful skies this time of year, changing over and again, blue, gold, grey, red. Its a neat place. Can’t wait to head out there on the Unicorn aka ‘North America’s coolest van…’

What else? The newspaper is slowly winning over ‘cheers’ versus jeers and its getting a little hard to realize that its not my main gig anymore… hmm. Other than that it was a usual Churchill weekend, except for the fact that there’s live music in Churchill now! Almost every night! Where am I?!?!

The Sea Flats are playing at the Seaport Hotel every Saturday, a funky mix of Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Metallica, randomness and varied hairstyles. A great little band for Churchill and a really awesome time.


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