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Please note, the departure time has been adjusted to leave Winnipeg at 1920 hrs, which is approximately 1 hour earlier than your ticket shows.

Also we have been notified by the operating railway that they will not be able to meet the contracted times published in the timetable. We anticipate a delay into Churchill and an approximate arrival time of 1800 hrs, instead of 1130 hrs.

On the return, the train will depart Churchill late, possibly as late as 0200 hrs on November **, with arrival into Winnipeg expected at 2100 hrs on November **. Please call our toll-free number to obtain accurate arrival and departure times prior to going to the station. The number is 888-842-7245.

Now, I don’t want to come down on VIA too hard – they have accommodated people whose vacations have been upheaved, shall we say, and extended their departure date. All in all, throughout this train service gong show, VIA has done more than their fair share of juggling.

On a completely unrelated subject, Pat Broe, owner of Omnitrax and the Hudson Bay Railway, just received an honourary degree from the University of Winnipeg for his ‘contributions’ to northern Manitoba and his single-handed support of Churchill’s sustainable future study. There is a link here to the Winnipeg Free Press – Pat Broe Receives Honourary Degree- please feel free to comment about Mr. Broe’s generosity towards Churchill, even if your train is ten hours late… Actually, let me save you the trouble, here are the highlights of the article…

Broe is a Denver-based entrepreneur whose company, OmniTRAX Canada, Inc., rescued 1,300 kilometres of rail line in northern Manitoba from abandonment. He also acquired the economically precarious and long-neglected Port of Churchill, spending considerable time and effort along the way in establishing the port as a vital trade link between Canada and Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America, U of W pointed out.

Broe has made significant personal contributions to Churchill and the University of Winnipeg. He is the leading donor with the Town of Churchill and the university in the development of a sustainability plan designed to enhance the quality of life and ensure the future of Churchill by improving the ecological, economic and social conditions of the community.

Broe and his company now serve as the leading transportation enterprise focused on the increasing importance of the north in conjunction with supporting the University of Winnipeg’s efforts headed by Dr. Jino Distasio to establish Churchill as a leading northern sustainable community.

As well, Broe’s generosity and progressive thinking were vital in the creation of the OmniTRAX Broe Quest series of free public international conferences launched by the University of Winnipeg in 2004 to explore important topics such as global citizenship, war-affected children and transformative education, lauded university officials.

Sorry, I just puked on my keyboard… it was a puke of joy but nonetheless, it still needed to be cleaned up. Its an interesting article, well-written… especially when it points out that the ‘economically precarious’ rail line that was ‘long-neglected’ – good thing an American company took over or we would be in real trouble – the western Canadian farmers would just keep coming to the government for money… you know how farmers are.

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