Polar Bear Blog – Snow Job

Winter’s settling in, Camp Nanuq is frozen now, both my lake and my shower drain, a true sign of winter. Plus, my van is already busted, along with me, another sign that bear season is chugging along. They say we’ve got 5 or 6 inches and high winds coming tomorrow, then -10 to -14 on Friday, which means perfect polar bear conditions… just in time for Halloween of course.

The snow is like a little sigh of relief, taking us from the confusingly dismal days of wind, ragged willows and sort of sleet to frozen lakes and fluffy snowbanks. Its even inspired me to limp my van along long enough to go out and film bears on Friday, provided I have ample battery chargers and tow ropes just in case.

But, I should go, there’s live music in the lounge, I have only 19 minutes of completely pointless footage for my documentary and I think there’s pumpkins being carved somewhere.

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