Polar Bear Blog – More Bears and More Snow

While its a beautiful sunny day right now, probably hovering around -2 or so, there’s another blizzard headed our way, more north winds and unbelievably more snow. This is a good and a bad thing. The north winds should push the ice back onto the coast, bringing the bears a little closer but hopefully not too close to their seal hunting season. More snow means that it will take a little longer for the tundra to freeze up, meaning a tougher time for snowmobile and tundra buggy travel but probably better insulation for arctic plants.

More bears have come back including Dancer, the closest thing we have to a bear celebrity up here. There are a couple old bruisers out there that everyone keeps thinking are a little too past their prime but keep showing up looking better than ever. Most of the bears this year are in great shape.

And, yesterday saw the first bear to visit my cabin. I just missed him, pulling up probably only a few minutes after he explored my yard and several other buildings. Of course, everything was fine since the cabin is under Milo, my bear chasing dog’s, protection. What I had failed to consider is that Milo doesn’t work on Sundays instead choosing to sleep in my neighbours yard while she cut wood instead of chasing away the bear. I suppose we are all a little slack this year, what are you going to do…

The film crew gets back in today, theoretically. Air Canada managed to lose all their luggage, including most of the cold weather and camera gear. It should show up in Winnipeg today but it means rescheduling a couple of the crew and trying to get everything shipped up to Churchill later today. Anyone who has been to Churchill in bear season should understand that complications of trying to rebook flights in the middle of the torrent of tourists. Thanks again Air Canada…

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