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So, that was a bit of a cliff hanger there – but not to be unexpected by Polar Bear Alley readers, especially when it gets down to my last couple days in Churchill…

Once again, the south winds saved Churchill’s bear season, this time at the absolute last minute possible – Mother Nature must have a soft spot for polar bear tourists… resetting the freezeup by about a week or so. Some bears did make it over to Button Bay up to Seal River where the ice was locked in so a few have a head start and that’s good. (Click here for the sea ice map) As for the rest, hopefully, everyone is still happy and the polar bears shouldn’t get into too much trouble, although there have been a few reports of frustrated, troublesome bears… a later freezeup means more bears in town and more potential encounters – up until now that has mostly been with Gypsy Bakery’s bear proof garbage container.

As for me, I’m done, back in southern Manitoba for a couple days before Inuvik, working through bear season burnout by playing video games and having some dental work. I think it only really hit me that bear season was over when I got up to 110km on the highway heading home with a Tim Horton’s coffee and Milo perched beside me gobbing on the dashboard. I’m okay with it this year – well, bear season being over not necessarily leaving Churchill, a little conflicted about that one…

When I was shutting down the cabin yesterday, it was still mild but a strong north wind had picked up again. The forecast is for highs of -10C and lower with continuing north winds that bodes well for the bears despite the warmer than average season. Instead of a perfect storm for bears, maybe its a perfect storm for tourists and bears. I can live with that.

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