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Sun is just coming up, its around 8:30, an orange glow over the predictable peaks of public housing. Dark shapes are slowly taking form, although equally predictable, reflecting the different paint jobs of various provincial renovations, upgrades and such to the units, usually the ones located along the ‘tourist routes’ – early years are more fall colours, the latest round of renovations now more ‘contemporary Sears’ reds, blues and taupes.

I also got an email from Lamberton Tours out of Calgary. Classic Canadian Tours, has some space available on their same day return Tundra Tour on Thursday Nov12th from Calgary to Churchill. They do direct flights from Calgary/Edmonton into Churchill for a day of bears and gift shops and then back. The day begins at 0615am in Calgary Alberta and ends back in Calgary a 830pm that evening. They also have openings on their November 12th jet for ‘flight only’ spots so if anyone is feeling the need to get to Churchill from a day or if any bear seasoners are ready to jump on a plane and get as far away from Churchill as they can by then this is your chance! Call Classic Canadian Tours for more info at 1-866-460-1415 or check the website at www.classiccanadiantours.com.

Also, Evan Reeve a singer/songwriter from Churchill just had his CD release party this past Saturday – hence the slow day on the bus for me on Sunday. It was pretty awesome, Churchill has a great live music scene this season (I can’t believe I just used ‘live music scene’ in an entry but whatever…). So, if you’re headed to Churchill, pick one up and help him become famous – its a six song e.p. in the hopes of making enough $$ for a full CD next year. Even email polar bear alley and I can get you a CD – they’re only $10!

And, of course, my magazine is out and about – Hudson Bay post Bear Season Edition. Its $6.95 (subscriptions only $20 for four issues a year!). Of course, this could be the worst year possible to launch a new magazine in Churchill given that amidst the tourist decline is an even greater tourist spending decline. Then again, $7 is a pretty cheap Churchill souvenir…

Of course, there are also those pangs of ‘what was I thinking’ and ‘I can’t believe I wrote that’ that have always plagued my newspaper career, sometimes wondering why I would throw myself out there as a lightning rod in a town that sometimes has a tendency to grind you up and spit you out anyway. Still, the strange mix of compliments and criticism (which somehow ends up mixed in to some of the compliments) is kind of addictive – although having a bear season of no stress would probably get addictive as well… then again so would going to Chile for three weeks instead of Churchill… hmm, I should stop now.

Temperatures are still pretty warm for bears, hovering around -2 or so. Maybe I’ll go find my friend Boris and look for some bears today. He’s been around Churchill for fifty odd years (odd being a fairly subjective word here) and should have a few good stories.

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