Polar Bear Blog – Business As Usual

Well, as happens every now and then, a giant passenger jet required an emergency landing in Churchill this past week. Since the early military days, Churchill has had a mile long runway, one of the few in the north capable of handling these larger jets. There’s been a few events like this over the years, Churchill responds pretty well to them… I think the last one saw every possibly french speaking person in town gathered up to interpret for the passengers… The first ship is in too – MV Camilla Desgagner. Its a freight ship. There … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Summer on Land

So, the bears are ashore early… let’s try and figure out what this means. A few more blogs and charts have been released with more data so it looks like my assessment of ‘most bears ashore with a few hardcore holdouts’ is pretty accurate. At the bottom of this page, you can find the WWF bear tracker – its following three satellite collared females (a fourth seems to have dropped her collar or simply not survived).  They have just posted their July 2013 tracking… Anyway, these three bears tell a pretty interesting story. One was captured … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Bears On Shore… And Stuff

Well, judging by the ice charts, a good chunk of the western Hudson Bay polar bears are on shore by now – maybe a few big males and possibly experienced, savvy females still riding the ice south… but not too many, I would think. There still some good ice in southern Hudson Bay but that’s really more to the benefit of Ontario’s polar bears as opposed to Churchill’s… Polar bears have been seen around Churchill, Nanuk Lodge and up at Seal River Lodge now. So, what was hoped to be a truly banner year has definitely … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Smokin’ Hot for Canada Day

Churchill’s in a bit of a mini-heat wave right now, that combined with forest fire smoke drifting up from the south. Of course, usually a muggy day ends up with a bunch of hot air pushed out over the bay which kind of triggers a north wind and temperatures drop back down, sometimes with rain or even hail. Its Churchill. But, sounds like a pretty perfect day for Canada Day – a big event in Churchill and, well, most of Canada of course! There’s a little parade in Churchill, including the grader (as with most northern … Continue Reading ››