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Well, as happens every now and then, a giant passenger jet required an emergency landing in Churchill this past week. Since the early military days, Churchill has had a mile long runway, one of the few in the north capable of handling these larger jets. There’s been a few events like this over the years, Churchill responds pretty well to them… I think the last one saw every possibly french speaking person in town gathered up to interpret for the passengers…

The first ship is in too – MV Camilla Desgagner. Its a freight ship. There are often a couple early season cargo or fuel ships that come through before the grain ships get in… usually run by NTCL but you never know, these arrangements seem to change fairly regularly these days. Interestingly enough, it looks like the MV Camilla was the first commercial ship to navigate the Northwest Passage, back in 2008. Neat.

Bears are cruising around now too – lots of pictures popping up of bears in the river, Cape Merry and the beaches. Probably a few new arrivals, although I would say July 4th was likely the first ‘mini-wave’ of bears this year. Should be another good summer of bears and whales… get up to Churchill, people.

Also, sounds like the summer buggy trips are seeing four or five bears out east so that’s good news too. Really nice out at Gordon Point this time of year as well, wildflowers really light up the landscape, terns and ducks, swans and shorebirds raise their young, maybe even a few arctic fox pups will be seen… you never know.

Down ‘south’, Nanuk Lodge is cruising ahead with their renovations – cool link to their blog posted on our facebook page… should be another awesome place like Seal River and the ‘Tundra Rhino’ looks pretty funky too.

Some newborn whales cruising around the Churchill River too, usually held afloat by their mother and, likely ‘aunts’ as well. Those are always neat to see.

Tide comes in, tide goes out. That’s about it.

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