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Gettin’ busy might be the wrong words, September sounds like it was already pretty eventful in terms of bears. Sounds like there have already been 17 bears handled and placed in jail this year. One bear was flown out just this week but soon replaced by another ‘break-in bear’ from Goose Creek.

A bunch of cabins have been hit this year over in the other cabin subdivision, most recently my buddy Greg’s place. The bear did quite the number on his cabin. Yesterday, helicopters spent about four hours trying to flush the offending bear out of the willows and trees and sounds like they finally did. They then flew this 850lb bear over to D20, the polar bear jail. D20 is the old building number from the Fort Churchill military community days. The jail, coast guard building and L5, the recycling depot are among the very few Fort Churchill buildings left.

Dancer has been confirmed to be hanging out at Great White Bear tours camp (the one used by Natural Habitat Adventures – thanks for the pic Colby Brokvist). He is looking a little gaunt this year – like I said, its a luck of the draw year, good for some bears, tough for others. Then again, he is so old that we figure he is about five or more years past his expected lifespan.

Buses are starting to crowd the streets in Churchill – albeit only at rush hour, an hour at dawn and dusk. Most of the buggies are moving now, all drivers called up and out searching for polar bears.

Google streetview is out cruising around too. They were in town last night for an information session and will be driving around up here on a half-ton truck with their fancy cam bolted to the box. At least, there is a bunch of fresh snow covering all the junk in my yard…

Four ships are lined up out in the bay, pretty late in the season too. Here’s hoping that Omnitrax has the grain on hand to load these guys, I can’t see there being too much time left to wait for grain cars and load these guys – plus I think the cost of ‘staging’ a ship in the bay is around $15,000 a day. This year is not really looking like an ‘extend the shipping season’ year… better move quick!

The reality crew is up and shooting, sounds like the show will be a bit more scripted like Duck Dynasty than anything else, but they have a pretty neat list of locations lined up. Should be good, I mean its Churchill… things are a little weird up here.

West wind today so the ice has shuffled around on the lake a bit, snow squalls come and go, same with the wind gusts. Each day like this you get more and more invisible slush forming in the bay. As salt waters freezes it sinks and once we hit a predicted high of -7C (next weekend) then that shore ice will start freezing fast. We’ll see, so far the season has been dominated by north winds but you never know.

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