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So, yesterday morning, we opened the door to a young male bear running towards us. It was quite the surprise, a crazy morning. This one is a lot more like a ‘bear season’ morning – there was a bear sleeping across the lake, stretching once in a while and kind of laying low, out of the main action of bear season.

There was one that came through here around 3am last night, passing by, half-checking out the cabins. For the most part, bears seem to like 3-4am for their investigations – I don’t mind that, we’re all locked up at that time anyway; even Milo and MoonUnit are off-duty, protecting the couch instead of the cabin and lake. This guy is probably the same bear that was camped out this morning, having now retreated into the trees with the sound of this morning’s wood-cutting.

Bears are really starting to move now. There is a lone cub or possibly a very young female bear wandering around between Bird Cove and town. It ended up near the airport road yesterday, curled up in the willows.

Around 9pm, we met up with a skinny bear sneaking back from the coast towards the dump. There are at least four or more regulars at the dump right now. Everyone jealously watches them sparring from a distance, each plotting our own secret routes into the old dump. Oblivious, the bears eventually get distracted, roll around, occasionally slide down the grain piles, otter-style.

Arctic foxes are a regular sight this season, more often appearing at night on the drive home. Its good to see these little ghosts back, bobbing and weaving through the willows and snowdrifts. Red foxes are cruising around too – a nice cross fox passed through here a couple days ago. Milo decided to chase him away but it kind of like a tank chasing a ferrari… so it didn’t last too long.

The ships are all gone from the bay, overtime is pretty much over too. Once these two ships are loaded, that’s all she wrote for another year of shipping. It sounds like they will try and load some grain into the silos to wait for next year, but you never know how plans work out up here.

There are two funerals in town today for two very nice ladies from Churchill, kind of sad day in Churchill – they were both pretty important parts of the community.

A bit of yellow and orange is coming into the gray skies here, time to get moving I suppose.

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