Polar Bear Blog – Testing the Fence

During a visit to Seal River Lodge a couple years ago, I had the chance to have a really close encounter with a younger male bear.  Sitting close to the fence, I attracted this guy’s attention by making eye contact and then slowly looking away – an old buggy driver trick.  He came over and very gently and methodically, proceeded to check the entire fence for weakness.   He would ‘gnaw’ at one section of the fence, then step back, think and try another one.  It was a pretty neat insight into a bear’s though process… and his breath fogged up my lens which was cool too.

Seal River Lodge is a great place where you can either view bears from inside the fence or head out for an afternoon walk with them.  It  sounds a bit crazy until you realize that once you remove the fear factor and external distractions, people and bears can really co-exist well.  Bears are extremely tolerant animals provided that everyone’s ‘roles’ are clearly defined…

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