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Woke up this morning to a blanket of white across the yard and tundra. Temperatures hover around zero right now so the snow is slowly turning into sludge and slush but its sticking around, at least for today. Its kind of a double-edged sword since I was hoping to clean the yard and get prepared for the season today. So, snow cover obviously helps me pretend that the yard is tidy but it doesn’t do much to get the skirting back on my cabin. Might have to pour another coffee and ponder the situation a bit more.

Early ‘bear season’ is always like this, even if this snow seems a little early – but then again, maybe I say that every year. Either way, I always come back with a long list of projects to finish on the cabin, this year the skirting is a big one = I tore it off after a marten or something moved in underneath the cabin last summer and, well, made itself ‘at home’. Aside from that, there are new bear defences to be made, spotlight bulbs to be replaced, set up the satellite internet and the usual tidying up and tearing down.

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But when the bay is still open, you get a lot of precipitation, sometimes snow, sometimes rain, usually both. This, of course, leads to a few delays in the project schedule. Add the fact that more bears show up by the day and its pretty easy to end up in December with almost the same ‘to do’ list you had in early October… early October 2011 actually…

I did manage to jury-rig the ultimate polar bear home defence weapon this year though; duct taping two pen launchers to a flare gun for a very Blade Runner-esque triple threat. We have three different flares loaded with three different sounds and colours – all different from the cracker shells used by Conservation. Should work pretty well and it looks damn cool too. If you like duct tape.

Snow is still coming down, probably time for a bear cruise, too ugly for yard work. Tomorrow is another day.

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