Polar Bear Blog – Bear Season Finally Here

Some strong north winds finally hit Churchill last night and after a few false starts, it feels like ‘bear season’ might have arrived.  While there is still no real ice building up on the coast, at least, we have some hints of shore ice clinging to the kelp beds on the beaches.  Nice big Hudson Bay rollers can be seen along the coast, its good to hear the waves crashing on the rocks again.

It was a busy day for bears after a short lull.  A mother with two youngs cubs covered most of the coast between buggyland and town today, ending up nestled in a snowbank west of L5, the recycling centre.  Two others sub-adults were camping out on the same lake, only about a mile out of town.  Polar Bear Alert patrols will be on their toes tonight.

There are about 4-5 young bears cruising around and looking like a few more will come in tomorrow.  This is kind of that early season ‘wave’ that usually appears in late October.  Judging by this movement, I would venture an early December freeze but, as we know, things can change quick.  Still not much snow but, at least, you can find some snowbanks and icy lakes now.  Forecast is still not great but at least it looks like daily highs below zero and snow by next week.

Its a clear, cold night with deep blue slowly peeling back the orange sky.  It should be a good night for northern lights watchers, as long as they have a bear guard…  We found one rental truck hopelessly mired in the creek near Ithaca Point, a victim of attempting an ice crossing a bit too early with two photographers quietly waiting for their rescue.  On the bright side, stranded ‘rental’ photographers is another sign that the season is finally here!

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