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Whale Season

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Polar Bear Blog – Times Change

Bears are starting to come ashore in Churchill.  In early June, sea ice was reaching near record levels in Hudson Bay and Davis Strait.  However, a late June heat wave and what looks like a lot of NW winds, have really opened things up along western Hudson Bay. You can see on the June 30 Sea Ice map below that NW Hudson Bay has really opened up even though about half the bay remains ice covered. June 30 - Hudson Bay Sea Ice So, Churchill … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – About a Beluga

Churchill is just recovering from a heat wave this week and quickly running out of beer while they wait for news of the train.  Omnitrax is now issuing updates that seem to just be the same four paragraphs repeated everyday but they say the line should be open to freight in the first week of July.  After that, VIA will send its own people up to inspect the track - that would take a minimum of five days - but in my opinion, its probably another two weeks after the track opens before any passenger … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Muskeg Not-So-Special

Well, I guess I can't avoid doing a Churchill train service update any longer, things have definitely reached the stage of 'ridiculous'.  Passenger service, and in effect tourism season, has been indefinitely suspended since thirteen grain cars derailed on June 2nd.  Images surfaced of the derailment and, well, the tracks looked pretty mangled to me. Train Derailment Churchill 2014 Train Derailment Churchill 2014 Omnitrax 're-opened' the tracks about ten days later and the way freight trains … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Climate, Bears, Whales and Roads

I know that often it seems that the Polar Bear Blog is kind of skeptical about climate change - its not my fault, there is a lot of ice on Hudson Bay this year... - but for the moss-huggers out there, here is a climate change update. Word on the street is that a black bear was spotted on the ice behind the Town Complex hunting seals.  This sounds a bit Churchill rumourish but black bears have actually been venturing out on the sea ice off the coast of Labrador … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Bears Abound, Just Not Here… Yet

When Polar Bears International declared 2008 to be the Year of the Polar Bear (shamelessly usurping the International Year of the Potato), I predicted that Churchill’s ‘endangered’ bears would have a fantastic year. So, I won’t say I told you so but i told you so, so far. Manitoba Conservation does an annual aerial survey from the Churchill area to the Manitoba/Ontario border, roughly the inland range of the polar bears of western Hudson Bay. In late July (the 22nd I believe), they flew the range and counted around 34 bears. Most were still out on … Continue Reading ››