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Polar Bear Blog – North Winds!!

December 5th and the north winds have finally arrived...  you could almost feel the relief sigh across the landscape.  Things were starting to get a little 'weird' and Churchill is already a little weird. The first real sparring on this side of buggyland started yesterday with two big males locked in a good battle for most of the morning, enjoying the -15C temperatures and the thought of pending freezeup.  Along the coast, you can find about twenty bears - some close, some out at the ice edge (which is not too far) - each day...  as … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – North Wind, South Wind

With strong north winds offering some hope of ice yesterday, south winds have returned today.  The view from the coast is all open water from town to buggyland, even the river is still open.  Any snow that has fallen has blown away and the tundra is bare once again.  Temperatures have fallen a bit so that's good, it looks like there's some hope on the horizon. The bear patterns are a bit strange this year too.  It seems like one day is very busy with 10-15 bears in the area but then its very quiet the next. … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Bear Season Finally Here

Some strong north winds finally hit Churchill last night and after a few false starts, it feels like 'bear season' might have arrived.  While there is still no real ice building up on the coast, at least, we have some hints of shore ice clinging to the kelp beds on the beaches.  Nice big Hudson Bay rollers can be seen along the coast, its good to hear the waves crashing on the rocks again. It was a busy day for bears after a short lull.  A mother with two youngs cubs covered most of the coast … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Adaptation Day

Still no break in the weather and even the bears have settled down, with a couple singles and one family - a mother with one cub - nestled along the Churchill coast.  A lot of the ice on the roads is melting now, giving the feeling that the season has started lurching backwards - kind of like the United States! (ahem, just kidding... sort of). But given the current weather and political conditions, its probably a good time to talk about how bears have adapted to a changing climate over the last decade or so.  First of all, … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Groundhog Day

This bear season is shaping up to be a bit of a tricky one…  When we arrived on November 1st, it felt as thought the season was about a week late.  One week later and it feels like its two weeks late, judging by the forecast with an average 8-10C above normal for the next week, we could be three weeks late.  Its almost like we’re stuck on October 21st or something.  And October 21st isn’t really prime bear season. With gray and drizzle, the bears keep moving.  A couple new family groups have moved … Continue Reading ››