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Polar Bear Blog – Snow Job

Winter’s settling in, Camp Nanuq is frozen now, both my lake and my shower drain, a true sign of winter. Plus, my van is already busted, along with me, another sign that bear season is chugging along. They say we’ve got 5 or 6 inches and high winds coming tomorrow, then -10 to -14 on Friday, which means perfect polar bear conditions… just in time for Halloween of course. The snow is like a little sigh of relief, taking us from the confusingly dismal days of wind, ragged willows and sort of sleet to frozen lakes … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Northwest Winds

Big winds are coming from the Northwest today, probably gusting to 80km an hour or so, swirling up the Hudson Bay, shaking houses, rattling buggies and bringing winter hurtling down to Churchill. After a few days of warmer weather, there’s a nice dusting of snow on the ground again and the permafrost at least feels frozen now. There’s a few more bears around, and probably more will show up after this wind; a not-so-subtle signal that the ice is on its way. Once again, the bears are well spread out, some in buggyland, some along the … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Honorary Enjoyment

Please note, the departure time has been adjusted to leave Winnipeg at 1920 hrs, which is approximately 1 hour earlier than your ticket shows. Also we have been notified by the operating railway that they will not be able to meet the contracted times published in the timetable. We anticipate a delay into Churchill and an approximate arrival time of 1800 hrs, instead of 1130 hrs. On the return, the train will depart Churchill late, possibly as late as 0200 hrs on November **, with arrival into Winnipeg expected at 2100 hrs on November **. Please call … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Bears Abound, Just Not Here… Yet

When Polar Bears International declared 2008 to be the Year of the Polar Bear (shamelessly usurping the International Year of the Potato), I predicted that Churchill’s ‘endangered’ bears would have a fantastic year. So, I won’t say I told you so but i told you so, so far. Manitoba Conservation does an annual aerial survey from the Churchill area to the Manitoba/Ontario border, roughly the inland range of the polar bears of western Hudson Bay. In late July (the 22nd I believe), they flew the range and counted around 34 bears. Most were still out on … Continue Reading ››