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Polar Bear Blog – Summer Seals, Summer Ice

Bears are starting to arrive on shore in larger numbers now.  This year it looks to be a bit of a split - with significant numbers coming ashore north of the Churchill River and many still riding the ice far to the south. Here is an excerpt from ChurchillWild's Seal River blog.  Feature image is also couresty of Seal River ( 'Six gorgeous bears spent the day sharing a ringed seal one of them had managed to catch. Said seal made the fatal mistake of falling asleep on a nice warm rock on … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – About a Beluga

Churchill is just recovering from a heat wave this week and quickly running out of beer while they wait for news of the train.  Omnitrax is now issuing updates that seem to just be the same four paragraphs repeated everyday but they say the line should be open to freight in the first week of July.  After that, VIA will send its own people up to inspect the track - that would take a minimum of five days - but in my opinion, its probably another two weeks after the track opens before any passenger … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Muskeg Not-So-Special

Well, I guess I can't avoid doing a Churchill train service update any longer, things have definitely reached the stage of 'ridiculous'.  Passenger service, and in effect tourism season, has been indefinitely suspended since thirteen grain cars derailed on June 2nd.  Images surfaced of the derailment and, well, the tracks looked pretty mangled to me. Train Derailment Churchill 2014 Train Derailment Churchill 2014 Omnitrax 're-opened' the tracks about ten days later and the way freight trains … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Honorary Enjoyment

Please note, the departure time has been adjusted to leave Winnipeg at 1920 hrs, which is approximately 1 hour earlier than your ticket shows. Also we have been notified by the operating railway that they will not be able to meet the contracted times published in the timetable. We anticipate a delay into Churchill and an approximate arrival time of 1800 hrs, instead of 1130 hrs. On the return, the train will depart Churchill late, possibly as late as 0200 hrs on November **, with arrival into Winnipeg expected at 2100 hrs on November **. Please call … Continue Reading ››