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Polar Bear Blog – Polar Bear Wrap-Up

So, that was a bit of a cliff hanger there – but not to be unexpected by Polar Bear Alley readers, especially when it gets down to my last couple days in Churchill… Once again, the south winds saved Churchill’s bear season, this time at the absolute last minute possible – Mother Nature must have a soft spot for polar bear tourists… resetting the freezeup by about a week or so. Some bears did make it over to Button Bay up to Seal River where the ice was locked in so a few have a head … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Southern Man

Well, the south winds arrived. I am not sure if it is enough, but they are here. Today, there was ice out to the horizon east of Churchill yet near town, the pancake ice had broken up and floated out to sea. There are still about twenty bears being seen in buggyland but some are close and some are far out on the ice. Its all up in the air now, folks. We’ll see tomorrow… Today, though was pretty awesome. It was the film crew’s last day and I guess mine too (I’ll probably hang out … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Ice and More Ice

Northwest winds are still the order of the day and the ice is stretching pretty far out onto the bay. Only two days ago, there was relatively no shore ice and the Churchill River was showing little signs of freezing. Today, the river is locked in, frozen up for good and the grease ice along the shore of Hudson Bay has already changed to pancake ice and that pancake has frozen together. In english, that means freeze-up is very close, folks… Today, we filmed the shore ice and filmed polar bears walking out on the ice, … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Stars Are Born

Driving around filming today, chasing Polar Bear Alert as usual. This morning turned out great, we drove through back alleys and side roads full of snow, checked polar bear traps and finally found a bear in one trap by L5 our recycling centre. This was a bonus because Manitoba Conservation has only handled 22 or 23 bears this year, only 12 are in the jail right now, usually the jail would be full and bears would be flown out every few days. This is only about a quarter of the usual encounters, could be that … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – The Jokes On You

This could be just as good as Pat Broe’s honourary degree… Looks like there’s no polar bear cam this year, it was bad enough that it was going to start on November 10th (???) but now the swindle is complete folks… This is from the National Geographic site… Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring you WildCam Polar Bears live this year. Our partners at Polar Bears International and Wildlife HD, who provided the live stream in the past, wanted to try something new to get the word out about the plight of the polar … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – The Non-Bear Season

Back in the saddle again, the film crew is in and just (almost) in time for a ‘polar bear lift’, not so much a local strongman contest as a relocation of polar bears north of Churchill by helicopter. In the hopes of continuing the bears natural northern ‘migration’, some bears get flown north to the area around North Knife River or Seal River and released. Its a pretty expensive project with the sole intention of preventing polar bear mortalities (and humans too, I suppose) around Churchill. This year continues to be pretty quiet in town, no … Continue Reading ››