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Mid-Winter Bears

There is a blizzard in Churchill today, windchill in the mid-fifties. Then again, its been cold a blizzardy through most of North America for much of this winter, Churchill hasn’t had it much worse than southern Manitoba; at least, everyone dressed for the weather up there. Cold and snowy winters are a bit of a mixed bag for polar bears. Everyone wants the ice to thicken enough that it takes a long time to melt in the spring, extending the season. At the same time, winter hunting, mostly comprised of waiting by seal breathing holes, is … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Driving With Boris

Well no bears today, or even ptarmigan, foxes or swans although we did see a big white dog and a couple ravens. I mean there are bears – there are always bears at Brian’s dogs – and I’m sure there’s wildlife out there but today was more about driving and chit chatting, not to mention, its ranging between +1 and -2C so a bit too balmy for bears to be moving along the coast too much. Boris has been in Churchill since 1952, after waiting in Ontario for three months before immigration sent him and his … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Sore Paw Somewhere

First bear at Camp Nanuq yesterday, my neighbour saw him, sounds like he walked across the lake while I was trying to fix one of my prospector tents. He’s a young bear but the ice was just thick enough to hold him, even if it was creaking and groaning as he passed by. We found his tracks out by the Camp Nanuq boyscout camp, although he found the truck before we found him – hiding in the trees while the truck passed then dashing across the road as we passed and turned the corner. There’s blood … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – One More Year With Dancer

My 4×4 van – the Unicorn – got in today and after a hiccup or two, I made it out on the road to check out the trails and such between town and Buggyland. We’re kind of in that snow yet no snow zone where it seems to snow everyday but there’s still no real snow on the ground. Fall skies are taking hold, with deep blue clouds and yellows of the low-arcing sun, its a pretty special time of year. Stopped at Brian’s dogs this afternoon, a kind of gathering place for a few big … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Ground Zero

That’s been a long time since I broke my back trying to sleep in economy on the Muskeg Special. Actually, it was not that bad. Actually, yes it was. But the train is great, lots of time to meet people, read, think about just what the hell happened to your life, stuff like that. The schedule’s is a little weird now, hitting Gillam by eight or nine at night instead of 1am. Kind of miss the groggy, get up and walk the dogs stop while the train refills with water and the shift changes. But what … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Eighteen Hours to Go

So, in what is appearing to be a fit of sentimental insanity, I booked the train from Thompson to Churchill. Now, I am sitting at Thompson’s only internet cafe with a lovely view of car dealerships and ‘The MALL’ and waiting for the train, which is surprisingly only one hour behind schedule. Of course, the schedule now has about four or five hours built into it as a buffer zone so that the train is never really ‘behind schedule’ or at least not supposed to be. Then again, the schedule has also changed about two … Continue Reading ››