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Polar Bear Blog – Singing in the Rain

It has been raining off and on for a couple days now, temperatures still mild with climate change winning the chess game on Hudson Bay today. More bears have arrived out east, with a few sets of mothers and cubs now regularly spotted albeit a little soggy. More wildlife in general is around, last night a silver fox darted across my path in town, cross and silver foxes both are being seen regularly near the flats and a few more along the road out of town. Business as usual even if it is maybe a … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Ground Zero

That’s been a long time since I broke my back trying to sleep in economy on the Muskeg Special. Actually, it was not that bad. Actually, yes it was. But the train is great, lots of time to meet people, read, think about just what the hell happened to your life, stuff like that. The schedule’s is a little weird now, hitting Gillam by eight or nine at night instead of 1am. Kind of miss the groggy, get up and walk the dogs stop while the train refills with water and the shift changes. But what … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Bad Year for a Climate Change Documentary

Well its been a good first day of coffee and catching up. Here’s where we are so far. Tourist numbers are definitely down this year, a lot of last minute cancellations, in fact, it sounds like there isn’t even one day scheduled for all eighteen tundra vehicles to be out in Buggyland at once – pretty crazy – not even 9/11 did that… Tourist spending seems to be down too – maybe this wasn’t the right year for me to launch the Hudson Bay post magazine… oh well. As for the bear that broke into the … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Polar Bear Wrap-Up

So, that was a bit of a cliff hanger there – but not to be unexpected by Polar Bear Alley readers, especially when it gets down to my last couple days in Churchill… Once again, the south winds saved Churchill’s bear season, this time at the absolute last minute possible – Mother Nature must have a soft spot for polar bear tourists… resetting the freezeup by about a week or so. Some bears did make it over to Button Bay up to Seal River where the ice was locked in so a few have a head … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Good Ol’ Blizzard

Two full days of snow – something like 17cm in 24 hours… and still going, except that now the wind has switched to the northwest and we have a full-on blizzard – a pre-Halloween blizzard no less… There’s really only one bear season in the past ten years that I remember more snow than this one, maybe 2001 or 02 or something like that… I could be wrong… More bears coming in, three sets of mothers with this year’s cubs added to the three or four families already around. Sounds like five big males are hanging … Continue Reading ››