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Polar Bear Blog – Arctic Oil Spill

On August 10th, a suspected arctic oil spill off the east coast of Greenland was identified from satellite imagery.  It was 'suspected' because nothing had been reported in that area and no one was around to confirm.  The reported slick was 200 nautical miles from the town of Tasiilaq  It would take five days to mobilize an airplane to survey the site and longer for a ship to reach the spill.  By August 17th,the MV Knud Rasmussen reached the site but storms and pack ice prevented the ship from finding the slick. So, yeah, … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Number One

This is turning out to be another busy polar bear summer for the communities along Hudson Bay.  A fair number of bears have come ashore near Churchill, including at least three family groups.  Now, that the train is running again (as of Saturday...!), this sure looks like the right year to head to Churchill if you want to see belugas and bears all in one trip... Churchill's Leroy Whitmore posted some great polar bear footage shot with GoPro and a Phantom 2 along the coast of Hudson Bay.  Great stuff and it turns out that its … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – The Beluga Who Spoke (Pt.1)

Here is an article from Smithsonian Magazine (Charles Siebert, June 2014) about a beluga whale captured by Churchill's whale riders in the 1970s... The Story of Noc Millions of years before we humans came along, the earth’s oceans were a vast, unbroken web of whale song. The complex courting arias of humpbacks, the distinct clicking dialects of migrating sperm-whale clans, the congalike poundings of Pacific grays, the multi-thousand-mile moans and blips of massive blue and fin whales conversing across oceans at octaves well below our range of hearing, the nearly nonstop … Continue Reading ››

Fred Bruemmer

‘Eskimos from northern Hudson Bay believe polar bears from this region travel with the pack ice in spring and summer south and east, then wander northwards on foot along the west coasts of James Bay and Hudson Bay. Since such a theory is based mainly on the observations that bears appear and disappear seasonally, it is, at best, highly speculative.’  - Fred Bruemmer, Encounters with Arctic Animals, 1972

Polar Bear Blog – The Polar Bear Attack

This post is actually about the polar bear incident out at Cape Churchill… back in 1983 – an attack that accidentally launched the polar bear industry… The Treul Story ”Here, take my camera, I have to get a bear off my arm.” Well, that’s what they say he said anyway and Fred Treul did have a pretty big camera, a clunky Hasselblad. And there was a bear on his arm, latched on to his tricep. Not too keen to let go either. It was U.S. Thanksgiving, November 1983. Len, Dan and their crew were out on one of the … Continue Reading ››