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Polar Bear Blog – The Wild Ones

Today, the first wild polar bear was shipped from Churchill to Winnipeg to begin its ‘transition’ to life at the Assiniboine Zoo. It will be housed at the International Polar Bear Conservancy Centre, for a time, before being shown to the public. Eventually, they will try and buddy him up with Hudson, the captive-born bear already on display. This is being portrayed as a ‘good news’ story by really the entire media and this wild bear will now be an ‘ambassador’ for climate change whatever that means. Still, it just really outlines some of the fatal … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Last Minute Bears

Early season tourists and bears have started trickling into Churchill. Summer is officially done and morning frost has settled across the north. We’re still due for some high winds and freezing rain by mid- month but winter’s slow and steady march south has begun. And, I know I have said this before, but if ANYONE is thinking about a last minute polar bear trip, do it! Churchill still has this reputation where you have to book a year ahead but this is really no longer the truth at all. There is still a lot of spaces … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Polar Bears in a Warming Climate

Well, there is a fair bit of chit-chat about the new IPCC report on Climate Change and the 15-year ‘lag’ in the warming trend predicted by computer models. This is not really a shock to anyone in Churchill – especially with a few years of ‘almost’ early freezeups. For the record, I actually believe that humans, and specifically greenhouse gases, have altered the atmosphere. I find it a shame that both sides are so polarized and that just the basic common sense of reducing our impact and developing alternate energy sources seems like such an enormous … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – September Update

September is cruising by so time for a bit of a ‘pre-bear season’ update. Bears are still a regular occurrence around Churchill, usually on the outskirts of town but some walking right through. It may be that we have finally secured L5, the waste transfer station, so well that bears are looking for new ways to pass their time. Funny, how it is almost ten years now since I first wrote about Churchill’s recycling and waste transfer program and there are still almost as many questions now as there were then. Still, Edgar has done a … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Autumn in the North

Animals start moving in the fall. While Churchill has already had its share of bears this summer – including another Polar Bear Alert callout last night, bears are starting to stir in the southern part of their habitat. With cooling temperatures, the bears will gradually head north, congregating in places like Thompson Point, Cape Churchill and Broad River. Usually there is a small wave early in the season and then a bit of a pause as most bears will wait for the many creeks and ponds to freeze before actually venturing east to Churchill and … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Time to Move Out or In

There have been a few sightings of mothers and cubs around Churchill this year, the latest one a mother with one cub near L5, Churchill waste transfer facility. So, I thought I might give a backgrounder on what familes are up to at this time of year – that and I don’t feel like writing about oil today, the more I read the more I believe this is more Omnitrax bafflegab – I hope… This is a time of change for many families in the western Hudson Bay population. Some females with older cubs, almost three … Continue Reading ››