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Polar Bear Blog – Oil Bears Oil The Time

Well, I’m back from my grizzly trip across the Yukon… starting at the Nakina River in northern BC and ending up in Inuvik, NWT… with a whole bunch of ‘game drives’ in between. When all was said an done, we saw 35 grizzlies, 6 black bears, a ton of elk and caribou, moose, eagles, hawks and a wolf and even a lynx. Pretty crazy trip… I will post my journal on here tonight or tomorrow – just an amazing adventure really… So, while I have been out of internet territory, a few things have happened… First … Continue Reading ››

Polar Bear Blog – Heading Out Maybe

So, how do you begin a quest for a grolar bear. Well, if the first step in an arctic expedition is a few hours on the phone with Aeroplan, the next step is usually a ‘weather day’. If so, we are right on schedule. A west wind has brought some fluffy snow and the light is pretty flat, I have my doubts we will leave today – then again, I was surprised to see the sun over the hills, maybe this will burn off by mid-afternoon. The next step, I guess, is deciding where to go. … Continue Reading ››