Fred Bruemmer

‘Eskimos from northern Hudson Bay believe polar bears from this region travel with the pack ice in spring and summer south and east, then wander northwards on foot along the west coasts of James Bay and Hudson Bay. Since such a theory is based mainly on the observations that bears appear and disappear seasonally, it is, at best, highly speculative.’  - Fred Bruemmer, Encounters with Arctic Animals, 1972

The Polar Bear Nose

‘I had just killed a seal and secured it when over my shoulder I saw three bears approaching. It was past the twilight noon, and their yellowish-white outlines against the pure white ice were so indistinct that they could not be seen except when they were moving, or at least their bodies could not, except for the shiny black noses. No stone, no bare spot in the snow, no dark shadow is as black as the polar bear’s nose. It is unmistakable miles away.’ – Vilhjalmur Stefansson