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While the best known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World, Churchill, Manitoba is a four season tourism destination.  Expect a few tourists in the summer, a lot in bear season and frozen tumbleweeds in February.


In spring, bird migration and wildflowers are the main attraction.  Birding is great here but seasonal changes make it a little unpredictable.  Your safest bet is about the second week of June.  Seven day birding trips can spot over 100 species… SEASON:  Late May to end of June – season is highly variable year-by-year…


Summer signals the return of Churchill’s beluga whale population.  Over three thousand whales summer in and around the Churchill River.  Churchill is the best place in the world to watch beluga whales and the only place where you can actually swim with the whales.  It has a nicely develop tourism industry and several options to see whales – from Cape Merry, by zodiac, by kayak, underwater…  Increasingly polar bears are seen in late July and August as well.  SEASON:  Mid-June to end of August, peak in late July/early August


While the polar bears of western Hudson Bay come ashore in late July or early August, they do not appear in significant numbers near Churchill until mid-October.  However, once they do, they can be found everywhere.  By November, they can be seen near town, along the coast road, at Brian Ladoon’s and, of course, in BuggyLand…  The ice is usually solid enough for the bears to head out in the second or third week of November.  SEASON:  October 10th – November 22nd, usually peaking from November 5th until about the 17th


Churchill is located directly under the Auroral Oval and has peak Northern Lights activity. I have seen some of the best northern lights of my life in Churchill without a doubt.  While the aurora can been seen as early as August and in bear season, the best time is when the snow and cold have locked in, usually by mid-January.  The bay is frozen and there are few clouds (other than the occasional blizzard) – this means sun-dogs by day, northern lights at night.  SEASON:  mid-January to end of March, peak late February through March

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