Beluga Whales

While polar bears usually dominate the media, Churchill is also home to the world’s largest and healthiest population of belugas on the planet. The last estimate released indicates that upwards of 50,000 beluga whales may be thriving in Hudson Bay.

Each summer around mid-June, beluga whales begin to return to the Churchill River.  Here they spend the summer feeding, mating, giving birth, scraping their winter skin and generally hanging out.  Since beluga whales are no longer hunted in the Churchill area, they will come right up to your boat and sometimes right up to you if you are in the water…  All this and only a handful of boats on the river – you practically have the whales all to yourself.

There are a few options for whale-watching in the Churchill area. The two main providers in Churchill are Sea North Tours and Lazy Bear Lodge – they provide day trips based on the tides.

Another option is to visit Seal River Lodge in the summer – they offer beluga whale viewing as part of their overall package. –

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