Churchill Travel Links

Churchill Travel Links

There are a wide variety of travel and trip planning websites for Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. A list of the top ten Churchill, Manitoba sites are included here… unfortunately, there are only seven Churchill travel sites in the top ten!

◦   Trip Advisor Churchill, Manitoba Page – Trip Advisor is the top travel planning site for almost anywhere. Some reviews are not quite what I would write but I guess that’s the point.

◦   Expedia Churchill, Manitoba Page – Expedia is a close second for planning trips to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

◦   Steve Hutchens Travel to Churchill Site – Steve Hutchens person travelogue and travel guide to Churchill is a couple years out of date but still an excellent source of travel information for Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

◦   WorldWeb Travel Churchill Manitoba Page – WorldWeb is a capable source of information now owned by Canoe Travel.

◦   GoNomad Churchill Travel Page – GoNomad is on par with WorldWeb travel for Churchill Manitoba travel information.

◦   Town of Churchill Site – Town of Churchill site is the community website for the town of Churchill Manitoba.  However, it is rarely updated.

◦   Lonely Planet Churchill, Manitoba Page – Lonely Planet site provides travel information for Churchill Manitoba Canada and has links to their travel guide books.

Remember there are tour operators serving the Churchill area that are not exactly computer savvy or up-to-date on travel websites (some holding other jobs, others just spending most of their time outdoors or on tour and others wondering how to turn the computer on – so telephone is probably your best bet to contact and arrange tours… or just show up when

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