Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is a new destination offered by Churchill Wild.  This summer (2013), ChurchillWild just completed work on the main lodge at Nanuk.   Designed in a very similar fashion to Seal River Lodge, Nanuk features large windows and a viewing area where polar bears and sometimes wolves walk by.

Visitors at Nanuk will make short day trips out to the coast of Hudson Bay via a modified ATV/trailer called the ‘Rhino’.  Along the coast, you will be at eye-level with the bears, many of which are mothers and cubs, as they wait for the ice to return to Hudson Bay.

Wildlife encounters have included polar bears, wolves, black bears, woodland caribou, moose, eagles.

Location: 250 kilometers southeast of Churchill, Manitoba on the Hudson Bay coast near York Factory.  Guests fly in from Gillam, Manitoba – 150 kilometres south of Churchill.

Here are a few of the features at Churchill Wild – Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge:

◦   Cozy fireplace lounge for relaxation and storytelling

◦   Four, two-bedroom guest cabins with private washrooms

◦   Perimeter fencing and 24 hour safety patrol

◦   No tourists or lodges within 100 miles

◦   Satellite telephone

◦   Viewing towers to watch and photograph bears

◦   Large windows overlooking the coast and passing bears

◦   ATV’s and  touring trailers with emphasis on safety and environmental low impact

Visit Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge site here.


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