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Polar Bear Attack Near Kimmirut, Nunavut

The latest urban legend/email forward is the polar bear attack images of the scarred man and the dead polar bear. I have seen about six different explanations of these, most commonly that it was one camper in the Yukon, but this is the real one. Or as close to real as reports from the north get…

The polar bear attack took place about 45 minutes outside of Kimmirut, Nunavut (a small community on Baffin Island). It occured on September
3, 2003 when Kootoo Shaw, an Inuit Guide, was leading a group of American caribou hunters.

Polar Bears Breaks Into Wall Tent

It is a fairly classic polar bear encounter, occurring early in the morning (4am) with the bear sneaking in just before dawn. Once it had breached the guide’s tent, it clawed at his neck and jumped on his chest, three or four times with his front paws. He had several claw wounds, some broken ribs and required 300 stitches to re-attach his scalp.

There are two basic reasons for the severity of this attack: the Inuit guide thought that new gun laws required him to have his firearm unloaded when it was idle and the fact that there were no dogs at the camp to warn the hunters.

Young Polar Bear Shot After Attack

Also, from the pictures, it looks like this was a younger polar bear, likely between three and five years of age – big enough to be dangerous but small enough to have a tough time competing for food with larger bears.

There is also another picture associated with these showing someone’s foot with a large hole in it. However, this has also been circulated with a story about an accidental shotgun discharge. It does not really fit with the rest of the polar bear attack pictures, not to mention that the foot has pretty fair skin!

Refer to the original source for this story:

Kimmirut Polar Bear Attack (Nunatsiaq News, 2003)

Binky the Polar Bear


She gets mulled!!!

Anyway, Binky was a polar bear in the Anchorage Zoo in Alaska. He briefly made
the national news in 1994 after an Australian tourist climbed over
the protective fence and wandered to close to his cage for a better
picture of the seemingly disinterested Binky. He lunged forward
and grabbed her leg. In a stroke of luck, he ripped off her tennis
shoe not her leg. He kept the shoe for three days.

Six weeks later, two intoxicated teens jumped into his cage for a
swim in his pool. While they were stripping down next to his cage,
Binky grabbed one of the teens severely mauled his leg and prostate.

Binky briefly attained international renown and cult status in Alaska
after these two attacks.

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Deer Jumps into Polar Bear Zoo Enclosure

This isn’t as much a polar bear attack as ‘polar bears swim around the pool trying to figure out what just jumped into their house’ video. They should have let them go at it since the zoo ended up euthanizing the deer anyway.



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