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Polar Bear Videos From Churchill 1957 Documentary on Polar Bear Hunting – This one is from Alaska but shows the views towards polar bears in the 1950s. This dates before polar bears were ‘discovered’ in Churchill both by polar bear research and by tourism.

1961 Radio Documentary – Polar Bears Need Conservation – We have been concerned about the polar bear for fifty years now. Population concerns were first raised due to over-hunting and a lack of knowledge of polar bear habitat. Although after 50 years, Inuit still seem to remain skeptical over polar bear research!

1971 Documentary on Operation Bearlift for Churchill’s Polar Bears – Churchill began relocating bears by helicopter in 1971, an initiative spearheaded by Brian Davies of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

1972 Documentary about Polar Bear Research in Churchill Manitoba – This documentary shows the initial techniques of polar bear research in the Churchill area.

1981 Documentary about the Polar Bears of Churchill – Canada Broadcast Corporation Archives – Fifth Estate – ‘Tourism may yet be the salvation for Churchill. 10,000 people come here each year…’ 1981 Documentary on Sport Hunting Polar Bears in the North – Based in Holman (Ulukhaktok), Northwest Territories, this documentary looks at hunting’s effect on the northern economy. Incidentally, the first ‘Grolar’ bear or grizzly/hybrid was shot near Holman, NWT.

1999 Documentary Climate Change Threatens Polar Bears – In 1999, climate change and polar bears were first connected in the mainstream media.

2007 Documentary – Counting Polar Bears – Determining hunting quotas for Nunavut and the growing conflict between Inuit views and federal scientific research. Features Jimmy Mukpah, one of the best polar bear hunters in Arviat. Eventually, the quota would be drastically cut and essentially signal the end of sport hunting in the Kivalliq Region.

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