Seal River Heritage Lodge

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Seal River Lodge is a thirty minute (60km) flight north of Churchill.  It is situated along the coast of Hudson Bay near the Seal River estuary.  This location provides both access to polar bear viewing from late July to November and beluga whale watching in the summer.  This is definitely one of my favourite places along Hudson Bay, total solitude, great view, great bears.

Seal River Lodge has a viewing area and a panoramic view of Hudson Bay.  Polar bears will come right up to the fence and windows and can be seen from the lodge at almost all times of the day.  There are daily guided walks on the tundra both to view polar bears at eye-level and also to explore the arctic landscape.  Guides are vey capable and comfortable with polar bears; they are armed with shotguns however the remoteness of the place means that polar bears are very comfortable and extremely tolerant of human presence.

Wildlife encountered includes polar bears, arctic fox, red fox, caribou, ptarmigan, gyrfalcon, snowy owl.

Seal River Heritage Lodge features:

◦   Authentic wilderness lodge style with all the comforts of home

◦   Expansive picture windows to maximize ground level viewing

◦   Spectacular coastal view of Hudson Bay while hiking, dining or relaxing.

◦   A viewing tower to take in the expansive tundra landscape and its wild inhabitants

◦   Cozy common area with fireplace for evening wind down

◦   Queen, twin and family rooms each with their own ensuite washrooms

◦   Full service meals

◦   electricity 24 hours a day, every day

◦   Natural gas and wood heat

◦   Library with maps

◦   Gift Shop

◦   Radio/Telephone

Seal River Heritage Lodge dining room     Photo Credit: Charles Glatzer

Seal River Heritage Lodge interior

 Visit the Seal River Lodge site here

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